Inauguration of the Chanakya School of Biosciences

Date : Monday, 13/05/2024

The inauguration ceremony of the Chanakya School of Biosciences commenced in the auditorium at 2 pm at the Global Campus. The event marked a significant milestone in the academic landscape of the university, showcasing its commitment to advancing research and education in the field of Biosciences. Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Executive Chairperson, Biocon Ltd. formally inaugurated. 

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International Conference on Temples Management: Historical, Functional and Futuristic Perspectives

Date : Thursday, 21/03/2024

Temples have always been hubs of spiritual support to communities, in addition to generating knowledge and contributing to the local economy. How do they manage – their thronging devotees, the daily rituals, maintenance of the architecture and sculptures, and their finances? Throughout history, temples have been administered by stakeholders including royal families, wealthy individual patrons,

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Distinguished lecture on “Understanding Poverty in Developing Economies” by Prof Jean-Louis Arcand

Date : Thursday, 14/03/2024

In his distinguished lecture, Professor Arcand eloquently elucidated the benefits of adopting a child anthropometric approach to understand and measure poverty comprehensively. He underscored the imperative of devising local solutions to developing nations’ challenges rather than merely importing strategies that have proven successful in developed countries. Professor Arcand aptly illustrated this point by referencing initiatives

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Workshop on “Facets and Features of Federalism in India” by Dr Ishwar Bhat

Date : Tuesday, 12/03/2024

In a captivating workshop at Chanakya University, Dr. Ishwar Bhat delved into the nuanced intricacies surrounding the concept of federalism, a foundational principle of the Indian Constitution. He shed light on the unique manifestation of federalism in India, emphasizing the pragmatic importance of functional federalism over rigid adherence to theoretical frameworks. His notion was that

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Guest Lecture by Mr Prasanna Karthik

Date : Saturday, 02/03/2024

Mr. Prasanna Karthik, a Fullbright and Clinton Global Initiative Fellow, had a guest lecture on “Emerging fields of public policy in India” with the fellowship students of Chanakya University. Mr. Prasanna Karthik touched upon various topics, from the emerging landscape of public policy in India to the importance of honing effective communication and problem-solving skills.

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Guest Lecture by Dr Anupama Shetty

Date : Tuesday, 27/02/2024

In a thought-provoking session at Chanakya University, Dr. Anupama Shetty from Biocon Foundation provided invaluable insights into the pivotal role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in local development. Focusing on practical examples, She revealed the significance of CSR initiatives in addressing pressing societal challenges and fostering inclusive growth. She highlighted two impactful CSR projects by

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Interaction with Mr Joseph Rozen

Date : Monday, 26/02/2024

Joseph Rozen, a renowned expert in international relations, Asian affairs, and national security, engaged with fellowship students at Chanakya University. Rosen, who has a distinguished background as the director of APAC and Euro-Asia affairs at the Israeli National Security Council, provided valuable insights during the session. During the interactive session, Rozen addressed various queries posed

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Interaction with Amb N Parthasarathi

Date : Thursday, 22/02/2024

Ambassador N. Parthasarathi’s address to the Chanakya Fellows at Chanakya University provided a captivating insight into his illustrious career as a veteran diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS). Drawing from his extensive experience, Ambassador Parthasarathi recounted his journey from clearing the Civil Services exam to representing India as Ambassador. Ambassador Parthasarathi intertwined historical anecdotes

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Interaction with Team from Janaagraha Center for Civic and Democracy

Date : Wednesday, 14/02/2024

The Janaagraha team’s interaction session with the Chanakya fellows at Chanakya University was an illuminating exploration of critical issues at the intersection of civic participation, municipal finance, and policy research. Mr. Shivkumar Menon and Mr. Jitesh Pandey discussed the imperative of fostering an informed citizenry within the urban landscape. Emphasizing the pivotal role of civic

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Interaction with Professor Michael Gunter

Date : Monday, 22/01/2024

Professor Michael Gunter spoke on the subtle dynamics of microstates, the challenges associated with United Nations (UN) membership, and the multifaceted nature of regional conflicts. The expertise of Professor Gunter brought attention to various crucial aspects, providing invaluable perspectives on these urgent global matters. Professor Gunter elucidated the distinct obstacles that these small organizations encounter

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Exploring the ancient roots of Bharatiya jurisprudence and its contemporary relevance.

Date : Saturday, 20/01/2024

The School of Law, Governance, and Public Policy at Chanakya University convened the inaugural roundtable on ‘Bharatiya Nyaya Shastra’ on January 20, 2024. Scholars and professionals from a wide array of backgrounds, spanning the legal profession, education, research, and Shastric traditions, actively participated in the program. The roundtable delved into the ancient roots of Indian jurisprudence, recognizing

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Inaugural roundtable on ‘Bharatiya Nyaya Shastra’

Date : Saturday, 20/01/2024

The School of Law, Governance, and Public Policy at Chanakya University convened the inaugural roundtable on ‘Bharatiya Nyaya Shastra’ on January 20, 2024. Participants from diverse backgrounds, including the legal profession, education, research, and Shastric traditions, with scholars attended. The roundtable inquired into the ancient roots of Indian jurisprudence, recognizing its deep integration with the

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Interaction with Ambassador P S Raghavan

Date : Friday, 12/01/2024

During a session at Chanakya University, former diplomat and ambassador PS Raghavan highlighted the significance of advancing Indian academic literature in international relations while engaging with students of Chanakya Fellowship in Social Sciences (CFSS). The subtle divergence between the perspectives of practitioners and academicians regarding the process of foreign policy-making was a key focus of

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Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw; Elucidating the Journey into Bio-Technology

Date : Monday, 11/12/2023

Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chairman and Director of Biocon Limited and esteemed member of the International Advisory Committee, took center stage at Chanakya University, chairing a panel that recognized her invaluable contributions to the field of Biotechnology. The interaction program offered students a rare opportunity to glean insights from Dr. Mazumdar-Shaw’s wealth of experience and expertise

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Distinguished lecture series: A Talk on a Decade of Indian Foreign Policy: Evolving Aspirations

Date : Friday, 24/11/2023

Chanakya University organized a day seminar on “Indian Foreign Policy Evolving Aspirations” from the School of Law, Governance and Public Policy. Prof. Harsh Pant from King’s College London expatiated around India’s evolving landscape of Foreign Policies and its role in maintaining India’s Image on the International Forum. The program started at 3:30 pm in the

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