School Of Commerce & Management


  • Liberal Education model
  • Mentorship from renowned Global and Academic leaders
  • Focus on Humanism
  • Options for students to curate their own program of study
  • Strategically located amidst Global Fortune 500 companies
  • Internships and Industry visits – For Exploration, Learning and Experience

The School of Commerce and Management will adopt an educational approach that emphasizes broad and diverse knowledge in subjects beyond business and finance. This approach will facilitate critical thinking, communication, and interpersonal skills, and exposes students to a wide range of disciplines, including humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. The goal is to produce well-rounded graduates who have a strong foundation in business and also possess a broader perspective and an appreciation for diversity of thought and culture; both Indian and global.



Dr. Sushant T. Joshi

Associate Professor & Registrar

Dr. V. Rajesh Kumar

Professor & Dean

Sri Ajay Rawul

Professor of Practice

Dr. Bhavani M. R.

Associate Professor

Smt. Sai Swaroopa Iyer

Assistant Professor

Sri Praphulla Chandra N.

Assistant Professor

Smt. Shruthi Joshi

Assistant Professor

Sri Abhijeet S. Jain

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Sandeep Nair

Associate Professor & Registrar (Evaluation)