Dr. B. Thimme Gowda

Prof. B. Thimme Gowda was a teacher, researcher, and an academic administrator for 40 years. He was Vice- Chancellor of Bangalore University. Prior to joining Bangalore University as its Vice Chancellor, Prof. Gowda was    a Teacher and Researcher for 35 years, out of which over 30 years at Mangalore University, where he held several Academic and Administrative Positions including the Acting Vice Chancellorship, Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, Director, University Science Instrumentation Centre, Chairman, Dept. of Chemistry, Chairman, Board of Studies in Chemistry etc.

Prof. Thimme Gowda had First Class Academic Career with Distinctions and Ranks. He did his post-doctoral and collaborative research in USA, Germany and Japan for over 6 years. He had very fruitful collaborations with the German research groups at TU Darmstadt, resulting in about five hundred joint research publications. It was appreciated by the German Government. 

Prof. Thimme Gowda has made significant research contributions in the field of structural and physical organic chemistry. He has guided 41 Ph.Ds. and published about 700 research papers in peer reviewed, mostly International Journals. 

Prof. B. Thimme Gowda has also worked in various Committees of NAAC, UGC, MHRD & KSHEC, such as, Member of the Advisory, Executive and Standing Committees of NAAC, Bangalore (2017-19) and also as Chairman/ Member, NAAC Accreditation / Re-accreditation Committees, Member / Chairman of Several Committees of MHRD, UGC and KSHEC, including Deemed and Private Universities and Autonomous Status Review Committees, apart from working as Member / Chairman of Statutory Committees in Bangalore, Mangalore and KSRDPR Universities etc.

Prof. B. Thimme Gowda was a member of Taskforce on implementation of NEP-2020 in Karnataka and Chairman of the Sub-committee on Curriculum Reforms in Higher Education. He played a major role in implementing NEP-2020 in Karnataka, by formulating Model Curricular Structure for 4-Year Undergraduate Progammes and supervising the work of various subject committees in curriculum design and in drafting model curriculum content for various disciplines. He has also overseen the implementation of NEP-2020 in Karnataka (2020-23)