Chanakya Fellowship in Social Sciences (CFSS)

Enabling Transformational Pathways

Chanakya University offers its flagship year-long residential postgraduate diploma program -Chanakya Fellowship in Social Sciences (CFSS). It is a distinguished program that unites passionate fellows who desire to learn across various disciplines, dimensions, and sectors. The CFSS comprises foundational courses in Economics, International and Strategic Affairs, Political Science, and Public Policy, and provides comprehensive interdisciplinary training. This program aims to cultivate V-shaped individuals who possess exceptional skills in particular functional areas, coupled with significant expertise in related disciplines. 

CFSS is an academically rigorous program that encompasses over 25 courses. It presents a distinctive prospect for students to eventually move towards research in the social sciences. The guidance of renowned faculty from the world’s top universities is available to fellows, enabling them to eventually explore their interests more deeply. Fellows also work on Transformational Pathways in Action Module. This provides them with exposure to the real world at the premises of the host organization or remotely under the guidance of the partner organization. This module is designed to enable students to advance in their professional careers and become leaders in their fields.

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