Chanakya University is located in the Devanahalli Taluk, Near Bangalore International Airport, in Karnataka. It is an hour away from SBC KSR Bengaluru City Railway Station.

Shuttle Buses ply from campus to several locations in the city.

Yes, students are allowed to travel back home on weekends, provided there are no scheduling conflicts in terms of classes and other mandatory activities. 

The Duration of the Program is 10 months, from August 1, 2023, to May 31, 2024


The name, designation and contact details of at least one individual who has been in a professional/academic relationship with the applicant are required. 

Various sections of the application form such as academic scores, extracurricular activities, co-curricular activities, statement of purpose, writing briefs and letters of recommendation are given adequate weightage to ensure that an applicant’s achievements can be considered holistically.

The interview will be a major determinant in the selection of the candidate.

No, it is the drive and potential within a candidate that is a priority. The fellowship intends to ensure diversity, belongingness, and inclusion.

You can write to us at cfss@chanakyauniversity.edu.in

The PG Diploma in Social Sciences Fellowship does not have a differential fee for Karnataka Residents. 

Yes, it is a UGC-recognized program with 40 Credits.

Those with a 3-year UGC-recognized Undergraduate degree may be able to leverage the Chanakya University fellowship in Social Sciences which is a PG Diploma in Social Sciences to be eligible for Post Graduate Degree programs globally.

No, this is a 1 year Post Graduate Diploma programme and not equivalent to 4th Year of Under Graduation or 1st Year Post Graduation Programme

Life On Campus

Chanakya University is built on NEP norms which lays high emphasis on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Students will be exposed to a range of co-curricular activities. We wish for our students to develop a strong sense of the aesthetic and intellectual interests that such activities and interactions promote. There are several student clubs and committees on campus to engage and nurture a diverse set of extra-curricular interests that our students have.

Yes, it is a residential program as we believe in an ecosystem approach where you learn the most from your surroundings, peers, and mentors. Campus stay will be compulsory for the entirety of the program.

The campus is always guarded by security. There is 24×7 CCTV surveillance. Parents will be informed, and their permission will be obtained when the student wishes to leave the campus.


Yes, Chanakya will have research centres and incubators both on and off campus. These may be in partnership with other institutes/universities.

One of the key pillars of Chanakya’s programme design is “Action Research”. To that end, every student will have an opportunity to complete a “Transformational Pathways in Action” module with a range of organizations which may be community-based, corporate, academic or industry. These projects will be in consultation with academics and professionals, encouraging active conversation between students and their mentors on how these immersive ‘real world’ experiences are connected to their academic course of study.

Chanakya University’s placement cell will provide training and assistance for the students eligible for placements as per the placements policy of the University As part of the “Transformational Pathways in Action Module”, Chanakya University has partnered with several leading organizations across the corporate and social sectors.  The placement cell assists students in aligning their aptitude with their interests and skills and guides them to pursue fulfilling opportunities. One-to-one counselling, resume workshops, mock interviews, and skill-building workshops will be held. A multitude of eminent professionals from diverse industries will be hosted to share their experiences. 

The Mentors and Faculty will provide regular support to students exploring higher education opportunities by organizing Opportunity Seminars for Transformational Pathways. In addition, the Chanakya Fellowship core team will meet students frequently to aid the students’ interests and academic journeys, including with programme applications, visa applications and scholarship opportunities. Information on interesting research internships and other unique opportunities will be communicated through emails, campus postings and other modes of communication.