To be eligible to apply for the Chanakya Fellowship Programme: 

  • Applicants should have at least completed an undergraduate degree or equivalent in any discipline as of June 2024 from a recognized university 
  • We welcome and encourage aspiring social scientists and policymakers of all age groups across diverse academic, geographical, professional backgrounds to apply 

Note: Final-year students, working professionals, postgraduate or doctoral degree holders, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and those in the middle of a gap year or preparing for competitive examinations, among others – are all eligible to apply.

Program Fees

  • Tuition fee: INR 5.5 lakhs
  • Hostel fee: INR 1.3 lakhs

Dates to Remember

  • Application Launch – December 2023 
  • Start of Fellowship – July 31, 2024 
  • Conclusion of Fellowship – May 31, 2025 

Admission Criteria

Applicants are selected through a holistic admission process conducted over two rounds based on supplemental application, statement of purpose and interview.

Applicant Profile

The Chanakya Fellowship in Social Sciences programme is looking for candidates who can harness their academic and professional competencies. Individuals who we believe can use the learnings from the fellowship in synergy with their existing qualifications and aspirations to enable myriad pathways for their life. The key traits we look for in a candidate include passion, commitment, creativity and critical thinking. Fellows will be expected to show the utmost dedication to the programme and complete all coursework and projects for the fellowship period.

Applications are invited from a cross-section of disciplines. An ideal applicant is one who demonstrates a drive to succeed individually and collaboratively. We seek fellows who demonstrate the potential to be a leader in fields such as academia, corporate careers, social entrepreneurship, media, bureaucracy, technology, civil society and politics among others. Through active classroom participation, fellows will be able to leverage peer learning to facilitate multi-disciplinary understanding. 

The application form aims to assess the candidate on the following parameters:

  • Past Academic Record – Since this will be a rigorous program which will be academically demanding, a candidate’s past academic credentials will be evaluated. However, this will be one of several parameters which will be evaluated.
  • Adaptability- Ability to work with diverse teams with different ideologies and worldviews and respect cognitive diversity.
  • Stakeholder Management – Ability/Interest in working with a cross-section of stakeholder groups
  • Ability to take the initiative and demonstrate Leadership qualities
  • Passion/Commitment towards society at large and drive to succeed. 

Some Questions in our mind while we will be evaluating your application – candidates are advised to seek answers to these questions to understand themselves and their possible pathways better to leverage the opportunities and facilities that will be a part of the fellowship better.

  • How can institutions make the process of education more joyful and fulfilling?
  • We want you to leverage past failures. You have decades ahead of you to apply these learnings. In this regard, we would like you to analyse your biggest failures and introspect the learnings you have obtained as a result. 
  • If you could change one thing in your vicinity – what would it be? This could be as granular as a neighbourhood/classroom/ workplace.  
  • We would love to know your interests and past participation in extracurriculars, sports, community, or cultural involvement.
  • What does leadership mean to you – have you had an opportunity to demonstrate leadership? What are the avenues which you would be interested in exploring in terms of leadership?
  • What do you hope to explore at Chanakya with your additional free time?
  • Are you a self-starter or do you prefer external encouragement? What motivates you? How can we as an institution ensure you reach your potential? 
  • We intend to provide transformational pathways for you. What is your goal 5 years from now? What is your goal 25 years from now? How can we, at Chanakya help you with your deepest goals and aspirations? 
  • What is your idea of fun or recreation? What would you do to ensure the comfort of other students at your hostel, dining room, sports team, or project mate?

There is no right or wrong answer, the questions, or variants of these may be brought about in the interview stage to better understand the applicant and their fit for the program with an intent to understand the applicant’s line of thinking and reasoning.

Application Process

Two-stage application process.

The Application process aids the candidate in self-discovery. Any claims made during the application must be backed with examples, wherever applicable. While English will be the medium of instruction and the application, but the quality of

English will not be a factor in the application. Chanakya University aims to ensure candidates from varied socio-economic backgrounds apply to the CFSS.

Stage 1

  • To register click here
  • Applicants will receive a confirmation email
  • Fill background information, education, current role, and related information
  • The candidate shall fill in the fields about their activities and a statement of purpose (about 500 words).
  • Optional writing brief (max 200 words) for candidates to convey any other essential information.
  • Applicants for scholarships are required to share a 300-word essay to substantiate.

Stage 2

A personal interview will be conducted based on the information provided by the applicants, the interview may also entail relevant topics as decided by the panel to determine the fit of the candidate.

Applications are on a rolling basis. Early Applicants will be at an advantage for admission and scholarships.

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