Chanakya University has been providing scholarships to ensure diversity, belongingness, and inclusion.  

In line with this, the Chanakya Fellowship in Social Sciences (CFSS) awards scholarships on the basis of merit as well as financial need, and in some cases, a combination of both. We understand that financial challenges can make it difficult for students to pursue their academic goals, which is why we aim to help deserving students by providing need-based scholarships. 

Some recipients of the scholarship may receive a complete tuition and hostel fee waiver, depending on their circumstances. This means that they will not have to pay any fees for their tuition or accommodation. 

If you are interested in applying for the CFSS scholarship, we encourage you to submit a high-quality essay (the optional 300-word scholarship essay) that showcases your academic achievements, financial needs, and any relevant personal or community achievements. 

We hope that this scholarship will help make higher education more accessible to students who may be facing financial barriers and help them achieve their academic goals. 

The Quality of the Scholarship Essay, the strength of the Application and performance during the Interview will be determining factors for the award of the Scholarship. 

There are various tiers of scholarships offered on a merit and needs basis with scholarships depending on the following: 

  • Overall application and profile 
  • Scholarship essay 
  • Interview performance 
  • Financial background 
  • Admissions and scholarships are on a rolling basis – with early applicants at an advantage