Interaction with Professor Michael Gunter

Professor Michael Gunter spoke on the subtle dynamics of microstates, the challenges associated with United Nations (UN) membership, and the multifaceted nature of regional conflicts. The expertise of Professor Gunter brought attention to various crucial aspects, providing invaluable perspectives on these urgent global matters.

Professor Gunter elucidated the distinct obstacles that these small organizations encounter on a global scale. Microstates encounter challenges while seeking worldwide recognition and legitimacy, ranging from managing diplomatic relations to asserting sovereignty. In addition, he addressed the contentious matter of UN membership, revealing the intricate and controversial nature of the procedure.

Professor Gunter explored cases in which attempts to join the United Nations have encountered opposition or complete refusal, highlighting the influence of geopolitical tensions and power dynamics on these determinations. One notable aspect of the discussion pertained to the Armenian genocide and the participation of Turkey, prompting a deep contemplation of past injustices and their lasting influence on the stability of the region.

Professor Gunter clarified the complex political, cultural, and historical networks that still impact the relationship between Armenia and Turkey. He emphasized the importance of addressing previous acts of violence to facilitate reconciliation and peace.