Launch of the Chanakya Centre for Sustainability

The Chanakya Centre for Sustainability (CoS) marked its official launch in the presence of esteemed benefactors Sri Prashant Prakash, Founding Partner, Accel and Nithin Kamath, Co-founder, Zerodha, dignitaries, Guest of Honor, Prof. Subbanna Ayyappan, Chairman Advisory Committee, CoS and Chief Guest, Sri Hari Marar, MD Bangalore International Airport Limited at Bangalore International Centre, and leadership of the university.

The event commenced with an introductory note highlighting the center’s mission and action plan and featured insightful speeches from guests about the prospects of sustainable practices. Formal discussions were followed by a Fireside Chat with Sri Raghavendran, Former President, Reliance Industries, and Dr. P.G. Diwakar, ISRO Chair Professor, NIAS moderated by Dr. Chetan, focusing on in-depth sustainability conversations.

The CoS is not merely an academic institution; it is a catalyst for change, a crucible where interdisciplinary research converges with actionable strategies aimed at nurturing sustainable practices. Supported by visionary philanthropists such as Sri Prashanth Prakash and the Kamath brothers, the Centre benefits from strategic insights and resources that amplify its impact manifold. Their commitment to sustainability echoes through initiatives that not only envision but actively realize a future where ecological balance and human prosperity converge harmoniously. 

At Chanakya University, sustainability isn’t just a subject; it’s a way of life. Beyond theory, our campus stands as a testament to our principles. With over 30% green cover enhancing biodiversity and serving as a carbon sink, and innovative waste management systems diverting 95% of inorganic waste from landfills, we lead by example. Our commitment to sustainable energy practices, with solar PV systems meeting over 60% of our energy demand, underscores our dedication to responsible resource utilization. Our journey is not just about mitigating environmental impact but about redefining our relationship with nature, embodying the timeless values of dharma and interconnectedness. 

Together, let us embark on this journey toward a sustainable future, where the echoes of our ancestors’ wisdom resonate with the promise of tomorrow. Through collaboration, innovation, and unwavering commitment, Chanakya University’s Centre for Sustainability invites you to join us in shaping a world where humanity thrives in harmony with nature.