Interaction with Ambassador P S Raghavan

During a session at Chanakya University, former diplomat and ambassador PS Raghavan highlighted the significance of advancing Indian academic literature in international relations while engaging with students of Chanakya Fellowship in Social Sciences (CFSS). The subtle divergence between the perspectives of practitioners and academicians regarding the process of foreign policy-making was a key focus of his speech.

He stressed that an individual’s viewpoint on the world is inherently influenced by their position, accurately stating, “One’s perception of the world is contingent upon their perspective.” He highlighted the intricate relationship between theory and practice within the field of international relations, emphasizing the significance of promoting indigenous study to enhance global conversations.

During the session, students actively participated in conversations, taking advantage of the chance to question Raghavan about various topics, including diplomatic negotiations and geopolitical strategies. The dynamic interaction fostered a more profound comprehension of the difficulties and possibilities inherent in the global sphere, providing students with a direct insight into the practicalities of diplomatic involvement.