Inauguration of the Chanakya School of Biosciences

The inauguration ceremony of the Chanakya School of Biosciences commenced in the auditorium at 2 pm at the Global Campus. The event marked a significant milestone in the academic landscape of the university, showcasing its commitment to advancing research and education in the field of Biosciences. Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Executive Chairperson, Biocon Ltd. formally inaugurated. 

The ceremony began with the traditional lighting of lamps symbolizing the dispelling of darkness and the advent of knowledge. Subsequently, Dr. Meenakshi Iyer, extended her gratitude to all distinguished guests and attendees and set the tone for the event. 

Following the ceremonial rituals, Prof. H S Ashok, Hon. Vice-Chancellor (I/c), delivered an introductory note, articulating the university’s transdisciplinary academic model. This was followed by Prof. H S Subramanya, the Dean of the School of Biosciences presented a comprehensive overview of the research initiatives envisaged by the school through his speech.

In the address by Dr. Shaw, underscored the pivotal role of biosciences in shaping the future, emphasizing the importance of research and technology in providing effective solutions within the pharmaceutical ecosystem. Drawing from her entrepreneurial journey, she shared inspirational insights, urging the next generation of leaders to pursue their aspirations with commitment and determination. Dr. Shaw’s address emphasized the importance of amalgamation of the expertise from the industry and knowledge from the academia. 

Padma Shri Prof. M K Sridhar, Hon. Chancellor of Chanakya University, delivered the presidential address wherein he elucidated the vision of the School of Biosciences and acknowledged Dr. Shaw’s significant contributions from conceptualization to implementation. His address underscored the importance of the collaborative efforts of Majumdar Shaw Philanthropy in realizing the objectives of the newly inaugurated school.

The event concluded with the presentation of a memento to Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw as a token of appreciation for her esteemed presence and invaluable contributions. A group photograph capturing the collective spirit of students, faculty, and staff of Chanakya University marked the culmination of the inauguration ceremony, symbolizing a promising beginning for the School of Biosciences.

Dr. Shashidhara, Director, National Centre for Biological Sciences, Sri M P Kumar, Hon. Pro-Chancellor and Sri Nagaraj Reddy, COO graced the occasion during the inauguration and the Deans of various Schools and Students were present.