Interaction with Mr Joseph Rozen

Joseph Rozen, a renowned expert in international relations, Asian affairs, and national security, engaged with fellowship students at Chanakya University. Rosen, who has a distinguished background as the director of APAC and Euro-Asia affairs at the Israeli National Security Council, provided valuable insights during the session.

During the interactive session, Rozen addressed various queries posed by the Chanakya fellows, offering comprehensive responses. When questioned about India’s long-term strategy for fostering cordial relations with China, Rosen underscored the importance of gradual power development, emphasizing evolving strategies in trade, security, and global political positioning.

On the topic of Netanyahu’s stance on the two-state solution, Rosen elucidated on Netanyahu’s evolving approach, initially supporting the concept and later aiming for its realization through conflict resolution measures such as hostage retrieval, humanitarian aid for Gaza, and engagement with Hezbollah.

Regarding cybersecurity and the prioritization of offense over defense, Rosen highlighted the anonymity in cyberspace, citing Israel’s robust cybersecurity system, particularly its dedicated Cyber unit. He also noted the challenges posed by anonymity, such as social media attacks, privacy threats, and ongoing concerns over data privacy on various platforms.

The session concluded with insights into Israel’s role as a leading proponent of cybersecurity, navigating with governments and tech giants like Apple.