Guest Lecture by Dr Anupama Shetty

In a thought-provoking session at Chanakya University, Dr. Anupama Shetty from Biocon Foundation provided invaluable insights into the pivotal role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in local development. Focusing on practical examples, She revealed the significance of CSR initiatives in addressing pressing societal challenges and fostering inclusive growth.

She highlighted two impactful CSR projects by the Biocon Foundation, exemplifying the organization’s commitment to driving positive change. The first project centered on combatting oral cancer, a prevalent health issue in many communities. She outlined how the Biocon Foundation leveraged technology to raise awareness and facilitate early detection of oral cancer among youth, utilizing a mobile application developed for this purpose. This innovative approach not only underscored the importance of preventive healthcare but also demonstrated the potential of technology in advancing public health outcomes. The second project focused on rejuvenating Veerasandra Lake, a significant environmental endeavor to mitigate pollution and restore ecological balance. She shared the challenges during the project implementation, including community engagement hurdles and sustainability concerns. By navigating these challenges, the Biocon Foundation exemplified the resilience and dedication required for successful CSR interventions.

The session provided a comprehensive understanding of the lifecycle of CSR projects, from inception to impact assessment. Moreover, her emphasis on social and economic inclusion emphasized the transformative potential of CSR activities in promoting holistic development and empowering marginalized communities.