Interaction with Team from Janaagraha Center for Civic and Democracy

The Janaagraha team’s interaction session with the Chanakya fellows at Chanakya University was an illuminating exploration of critical issues at the intersection of civic participation, municipal finance, and policy research. Mr. Shivkumar Menon and Mr. Jitesh Pandey discussed the imperative of fostering an informed citizenry within the urban landscape. Emphasizing the pivotal role of civic engagement, Menon and Pandey underscored the importance of citizens being well-versed and actively involved in the governance processes of their cities. They elucidated how informed citizenry is a cornerstone for driving positive change, particularly in addressing pressing urban challenges such as waste management and deficient infrastructure.

The team explained their ‘Theory of Change,’ which identifies and targets systemic deficiencies within city structures. By advocating for better-designed city systems and acting as a conduit between citizens and government entities, Janaagraha endeavors to enhance the quality of life for urban residents. During the question and answer session, Menon and Pandey fielded inquiries from the fellows, offering insights into the multifaceted challenges confronting city dwellers and proposing potential solutions. Their expertise and practical experience provided invaluable perspectives, fostering a more profound understanding among the participants about the complexities of urban governance and the avenues for meaningful intervention.