Interaction with Amb N Parthasarathi

Ambassador N. Parthasarathi’s address to the Chanakya Fellows at Chanakya University provided a captivating insight into his illustrious career as a veteran diplomat in the Indian Foreign Service (IFS). Drawing from his extensive experience, Ambassador Parthasarathi recounted his journey from clearing the Civil Services exam to representing India as Ambassador.

Ambassador Parthasarathi intertwined historical anecdotes with contemporary global dynamics during his address, enriching the discourse with his profound understanding of geopolitics. He illuminated his passion for Korean history, shedding light on the legacy of the Ayodhya Princess in Korea and her pivotal role in establishing the Gaya Kingdom. This historical narrative showcased the interconnectedness of cultures and underscored the enduring significance of India’s diplomatic heritage.

Moreover, Ambassador Parthasarathi presented astute observations on India’s approach to international engagements, particularly in contrast to other global players. He emphasized India’s distinct investment philosophy, prioritizing the holistic well-being of people in recipient countries over mere infrastructural developments. Ambassador Parthasarathi provided a compelling perspective on India’s evolving role in the global arena by elucidating India’s commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth in regions like Africa.