M. S. W.

Eligibility Criteria  

The Candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with at least 60% marks from any recognized university in India or abroad.

The focus of this program is to complement academic work through integration of theory and practice. It develops students with strong theoretical grounding in classroom learnings and sound practical exposure through concurrent field work practice. It focuses on enabling students acquire knowledge, skills and values related to competencies such as demonstrating ethical and professional behavior, critical thinking, diversity in practice, advocacy for human rights and engage in the process of practice based on research. The program uses an inter-disciplinary approach in analyzing important social issues and concerns, with an emphasis on equity and justice. The course structure aims to ensure that the student is provided with opportunities for mastery of skills and avenues for appreciating the realities of coping with complex situations in field work, to understand and intervene in an extraordinary range of human and social problems. The specializations offered include Community Development, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work and Human Resource Management. 

Programme Highlights

Internships, Research training

Students will

  • have fieldwork each semester in different social settings such as schools, corporates, hospitals, non-profit organizations etc.
  • have concurrent field work and block placement in even semesters.
  • engage in research-informed practice and practice-informed research.
  • complete a dissertation in the final semester.
  • get opportunity to organize and participate in various national and regional seminars and conferences in their field of specialization.

The program constitutes 80 credits. In the spirit of NEP, 62 credits will be from the MSW course and the remaining 18 credits from other general education courses being offered from other schools. The papers will comprise of core papers which have to be compulsorily studied by a student as a core requirement to complete MSW program irrespective of their specialization. The student will study special papers pertaining to their specialization as a core requirement to specialize in a said discipline of study. The students must opt for one of the following three specializations:

  • CD – Community Development
  • MPSW – Medical and Psychiatric Social Work
  • HRM – Human Resource Management

The programme provides wide-ranging career opportunities for students with diverse interests. Students can choose to work in government sectors, corporate sector, non-government organisations, hospitals, research-based organisations and public policy to name a few.