B.A. (Hons) With Civil Services Integrated Stream

Eligibility Criteria  

55% and above (or equivalent grade) in PUC/12th/any other equivalent exam conducted by a recognized authority / institution in India or abroad.

The primary focus of the program is to prepare students to be ready for the UPSC examinations.This UPSC course runs along with the BA Honourse course. Here students learn multi-disciplinary subjects ranging from Ancient, Medieval and Modern Indian History, World History, Geography, Art and Culture, Indian Constitution, Working of the constitution, Governance,Indian society and Social Justice, International Relations, Indian Economy, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Science and Technology, Disaster Management and also Ethics and  ethical case studies. Also students will be engaged into the course through intercative sessions with EX- bureacrats and Young bureacrats. Also will be engaged into first hand experiences of governance process like attending Budget session etc. Students will be assessed on the same line of UPSC examinations. Regular test series in the format of UPSC preliminary exam and UPSC mains examination will be conducted, which consist of both Objective and Descrptive based question papers. Overall the focus will be on  content development, answer writing and personality development to become a successful bureacrat and good citizen of Young Bharat.

Programme Highlights

The program aims to produce graduates who are:

  • Prepared to tackle UPSC Civil Service Examinations along with Graduation.
  • Have well sorted Multidisciplinary knowledge.
  • Ready to serve Goverement and society one or the other way.
  • Eligible to become a successfull bureacrat with the idea of Indian ethos and culture

Chanakya Foundation:48 credits
School Core: 24 credits
Major:56 credits
UPSC course: 55 credits
Learning Beyond Curriculum: 8 credits

All India Service like

  • Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Servie, Indian Forest Service etc
  • State Civil Service Examinations.
  • Diplomacy and Foreign Services
  • Non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Government agencies and think tanks
  • Academia and research institutions