B. B. A. (Hons.)


BBA (Hons) is a 4-year degree Program, offered with the following majors:

  • Digital Enterprise Management
  • Services Management
  • Business Analytics
  • International Business
  • Start-ups & Business Innovation

The BBA Program aims to instill a sense of inquiry in the students to explore the possibilities in the business world. The BBA program is tailored to the needs of the modern business world and is fashioned as a terminal course. The prime emphasis is on learning by doing rather than learning by rote. The Program also adheres to the principles of National Education policy with multiple entry and exit points to enable the students to exit at different years with a certificate/diploma/degree or Hons according to their choice.

The Program is designed to provide ready management professionals who can hit the ground running as they have the requisite field experience and exposure to various industries making them ready for performance right from the day of joining.

Chanakya University takes pride in the fact that the students are not only conversant and competent in business skills but are also positively oriented with professional skills and Indian ethos with a comprehensive exposure to Indian culture, history, and intellectual contributions.


  • To provide students with a broad range of managerial capabilities, the capacity for critical and creative thinking, communication and problem‐solving skills, ethical behavior, based on integrity, humanism and team spirit. 
  • To prepare graduates for diverse careers in management and entrepreneurship through a well‐rounded business education with a focus on business skills required in emerging markets and technology‐enabled organizations.  
  • To offer students both general and specialized curriculum content through core courses, specializations and electives that encourages specialization and multidisciplinary approaches. 
  • To improve students: 
    • Interpersonal competence and situational leadership quotient 
    • Global perspective and understanding of Indian knowledge systems 
    • Ability to find, gather and source pertinent data 
    • Skills to analyse, evaluate, and interpret data 
    • Competence to identify the worth of one’s own experience and reflect on it. 
    • Professional skills in selected areas and 
    • Understanding of latest happenings in the domain of business management and contemporary business practices in India 
  • Digital marketing 
  • E-Commerce management 
  • Drop Shipping 
  • Brand management 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Digital PR 
  • Data Scientist 
  • Marketing analytics 
  • Finance Analytics 
  • HR Analytics 
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Managing Start-ups 
  • Angel Investing 
  • Venture Capitalists 
  • Funding Specialist 
  • International Marketing 
  • International finance 
  • International HR 
  • Cross cultural behaviour specialist 
  • Marketing careers in Services Industries like: Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Healthcare, Transport, Consulting, Financial Services, Celebrity Management, Advertising Agencies, Educational Institutions, Supply Chain companies, Telecom, After Sales Service in Product Companies, etc. 
  • Demonstrate competent business executives and ownership skills and knowledge
  • Display a clear understanding of the world of business in real-life corporate work and internship 
  • Practice transformational business leadership with qualities of integrity, creativity, humanism, and team spirit 
  • Apply domain skills, technology skills and soft skills on the job   
  • Display an entrepreneurial spirit  
  • Practice lifelong learning 
  • Hands-on Project based Learning
  • SEVA (Social/ Rural Immersion)
  • Industry Leaders as Faculty
  • Strong emphasis on Ethics
  • Indian Ethos / Indic Values
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Journalism and Media Studies
  • Arts and Culture
  • Sports
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Fintech
  • Political Science
  • Data Science
  • Actuarial Sciences

Academic Calendar 

Academic Calendar is divided into 2 semesters per year and is uniform for all Under graduate programs of the University 


How do I get admitted to the Program 

One has to take the CUPP test and attend a Personal Interview 

What is the qualification required to get admission to BBA program 

Any student who has secured 50% marks at the Higher Secondary Level (PUC, 12th Std) can get admitted to the BBA program 

What are the Placement Opportunities after the course 

BBA program prepares the student to be equipped to take up careers in various industries and there is no dearth of opportunities for the graduates. 

Course Structure

Sem Discipline Core (DC) (Major/Minor) Open Elective (OE) Foundation Course (FC) Competence Course (CC) Total Credits 
I -         10 Credits  Critical Thinking (2) Language 1 (3) 20 
Self-Awareness (2) Language 2 (3) 
II -         10 Credits  Ethical Reasoning (4) Language 1 (3) 20 
Language 2 (3) 
III -         Majors (6)  OE-1 (3) Intellectual Heritage of India (4) Language/ NCC/ NSS/ 24 
-         Minor (8) Sports/ Other (3) 
IV -         Majors (6)  OE-2 (3) Understanding Itihaas (4) Technical Skills 24 
-         Minor (8) Thinking Skills 
 Research Skills (3) 
V -         Major (8) OE – (3) Appreciating Aesthetics (4) Personal Skills 24 
-         Minor (4)  Leadership Skills 
 Project Management 
  Research Skills (5) 
VI -         Major (8) OE-4 (3)  Social Skills 24 
-         Minor (4) Citizenship Skills 
 Life Skills 
 SEVA/ Bharatheeyam 
  Research Skills (9) 
VII -         Internship/ Research (4)    12 
-         Minor (8) 
VIII -         Internship/ Research (4)    12 
-         Minor (8) 
Total 96 12 20 32 160