L. L. M.

BA LL.B in Constitutional law


LL.M. (Legum Magister) at Chanakya University is a postgraduate degree program which helps lawyers, who have already completed the LL.B. (Legum Baccalaureus) degree, to obtain specialization in an advanced stream of legal knowledge. It can be opted for by students as well as advocates, desirous of pursuing a career in academics or research. Chanakya offers specializations in Constitutional Law and Dispute Resolution. The specialization in Constitutional Law improves a lawyer’s capacity in dealing with public interest litigations and constitutional cases and the specialization in dispute resolution opens a new arena with national and international dimensions. 

The LLM (Master of Law) in Constitutional Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution in legal education at Chanakya University is anchored on a GLOCAL outlook. The curriculum – design, delivery, and evaluation are rooted in Indian ethos with global aspirations. The University’s academic program’s fundamental principle is to engage, prepare, and consolidate learning, research, and professional competencies.

The LLM (Master of Law) provides in-depth insight into one specific area of law. This is essential to your intellectual and professional journey in acquiring the requisite competencies. Such exposure is essential for practice in Courts as advocates and Judicial officers and as professionals in law firms, public sector organizations, and multinational companies as legal advisors. Pursuing an LLM to specialize further in an area of your study through research and work will further develop your intellectual and career depth and choices, respectively.

The LLM program helps you to refine your area of interest, ensure long-term professional stability, an opportunity to shape young-aspiring minds in universities as a faculty member in higher education institutions, and, more importantly, make you an informed professional with myriad choices for your intellectual and professional evolution.

 Minimum eligibility criteria :

  • Law Degree from any Institution recognized by the Bar Council of India with minimum 55 % marks.
  • Cleared the CLAT/ LSAT or Chanakya University Pravesh Pareeksha
  • Appeared for the Counselling Session under Chanakya University


  • Legal Practice in Lower to Apex Court
  • Judicial Services
  • Academics
  • Arbitration and Conciliation – National & International
  • Corporate Advisors
  • Indian Administrative Services
  • Indian Army (JAG)
  • Indian Coast Guard
  • Advisor in National and International Organizations (Government, Non-Government, UNO)
  • The course offers Constitutional Assembly debate, rare in its kind.
  • The course will try to understand the constitution of India through the framers’ point of view.
  • The course will understand the Judiciary’s view on the constitution and the changes made by the Judiciary in the constitution.
  • The Course will trace the genesis of Constitutional values in ancient Indian literature.
  • The course will offer the opportunity to study the different constitutions of the world.
  • The opportunity for academic research and practical training for profession.
  • Deep understanding of the nonconventional ways of dispute resolution

Course Structure

  • Advanced Legal Research Methodology
  • Theoretical Perspectives on Dispute Resolution
  • Law and Practice of Mindful Dispute Resolution
  • Contemporary Issues in Arbitration Law and Practice
  • Legal Negotiation: Theory and Practice
  • Collaborative Law and Interdisciplinary Practice
  • Early Neutral Evaluation and Case Appraisal
  • Private Judging: A Comparative Study
  • Traditional Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and their Role in Modern Legal Systems
  • Hybrid Methods of Dispute Resolution: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Advanced Legal Writing and Research – Part I: Dissertation
  • Advanced Legal Writing and Research – Part II: Dissertation