Dr. Sitaram Jindal

Dr Sitaram Jindal obtained a graduate degree in Naturopathy, and was subsequently honoured with a D.Sc. by the Tumkur University, Karnataka. He is one of the Founders of Jindal Group of Industries and is the Founder, Chairman & Managing Director of Jindal Aluminium Ltd. Dr. Jindal’s continuous untiring efforts ultimately bore fruits, as he finally came up with a drugless healthcare facility, capable of addressing the lifestyle related medical conditions affecting all segments of society. He founded a Nature cure and Yoga hospital in a huge and pristine campus on the outskirts of Bangalore and named it Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (INYS) in 1978, which subsequently became to be known as ‘Jindal Nature cure Institute’ (JNI) 

Dr. Jindal is deeply committed and highly responsive to the welfare of the society. He spends quality time and substantial funds for various social and charitable activities. He is instrumental in establishing and running several charitable institutions in the field of education, health, social welfare etc. and is the founder of more than 16 charitable trusts and societies that are doing yeoman service to the community at large.