Sri Sridhar Vembu’s Visit to Chanakya University

Sri Sridhar Vembu, the founder and CEO of ZOHO Corporation, visited the University campus to engage with students in an interactive session. The primary objective of this event was to inspire and motivate young students by sharing his own personal journey as a student, which began at IIT Madras and took him to Princeton University. During his lecture, Sri Sridhar emphasized the themes of rootedness and belongingness.

One of the key takeaways from his lecture was the importance of young generations in nation-building. He stressed that young people have a pivotal role to play in this noble endeavor. Sri Sridhar encouraged students to be inquisitive and engage in dialogues with common citizens, recognizing them as seekers. Such interactions with common people from diverse backgrounds foster understanding and unity within the society.

He mentioned that language holds a vital place in communication, and a good grasp of local languages is essential for staying connected to one’s cultural roots. He highlighted the value of linguistic diversity, which helps individuals maintain a sense of belonging and cultural identity.

Sri Sridhar also addressed the issue of rapid urbanization. While acknowledging the importance of economic growth, he cautioned against achieving it at the expense of society. He pointed out that the negative impacts of the “rat race,” such as economic, societal, and cultural changes, have become evident in our rapidly urbanizing world. Through anecdotes and real-life examples, he illustrated the significance of staying grounded and connected to one’s cultural heritage, even amidst the fast pace of urban life.

During the question-and-answer session that followed, Sri Sridhar patiently answered the wonder questions of the students. His insightful responses further enriched the students’ understanding of the topics discussed and gave them valuable insights into various aspects of personal, societal, and economic development.

In conclusion, Sri Sridhar Vembu commended Chanakya University and expressed that India needs more institutions like it, which can contribute to the greater goal of strengthening the nation. His visit and engaging lecture, along with his interactive Q&A session, served as a valuable opportunity for students to gain deeper insights into the importance of rootedness, linguistic diversity, and the role of young individuals in shaping the future of their nation.