Report of the First Meeting of the Staff of
Chanakya University

The first meet of the teaching and non teaching staff of Chanakya
University was held on 27th May, 2022 at Brigade Orchards Campus,
Devanahalli, Bengaluru. The meeting was presided by Hon. Vice
Chancellor, Prof. Yashavantha Dongre who welcomed the staff members
who had joined the University from different parts of the country. He
further briefed about the plan for the upcoming academic year. Prof M. K.
Sridhar, Hon. Chancellor and Sri M. P. Kumar, Hon. Pro-Chancellor shared
the vision behind Chanakya University and invited all the members to
actively participate in translating this vision into action. Senior faculty
including Prof. K. V. Raju, Dean, Research, Prof. H. S. Ashok, Dean School of
Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof. Rajesh Kumar, Prof. Venkatesh,
Prof. Byra Reddy, Dr. Sandeep Nair, Registrar, Evaluation, Dr. Sushant Joshi,
Registrar, Sri K. Raghavendra, Director, HR Sri Mohan Kumar, Finance
Officer, and other teaching and non teaching staff along with the
members of the Steering Committee including Sri Nagaraj Reddy, Dr. D. S.
Krishna, Dr. Vinaychandra Banavathy participated in this meeting.