Report for the First Meeting of the Finance Committee

The first meeting of the Finance Committee of Chanakya University was
held on 27th May, 2022 at Chanakya University Brigade Orchards Campus,
Devanahalli, Bengaluru. The meeting was presided by Hon. Vice Chancellor,
Chanakya University, Prof. Yashavantha Dongre. Prof. Dongre after
welcoming the members for the first meeting, he briefed them about the
financial planning required for the forthcoming year. Prof M. K. Sridhar,
Hon. Chancellor and Sri M. P.Kumar, Hon. Pro-Chancellor participated in
the meeting which included the Committee members Sri Nagaraj Reddy,
Member, BoG, CU, Dr Sushant Joshi, Registrar, CU, Sri Mohan Kumar,
Finance officer, CU, Prof. M. Jayadev, Finance and Accounting Chairperson,
IIM Bangalore and Smt. Rajani Gopalana, Finance Officer, APU along with
Sri Mahesh Bhat, Finance Consultant.