Raksha Bandhan Celebration at
Chanakya University

Raksha Bandhan was celebrated at Chanakya University, Brigade Orchards
campus on 11.08.22. The celebration was twinned with observing Sanskrit day,
which falls onshraavana purnima.

Speaking on the Occasion, Dr Vinay Chandra, Director, Centre for Indian
Knowledge Systems explained the history and significance of Raksha Bandhan
and the importance of preserving our language and culture. He pointed out the
uniqueness of Indian languages and how they nourish other languages and
emphasised that children ought to be taught in their mother tongue. He also
opined that, besides making Sanskrit popular, local languages need to be given
due importance and ensure that students are able to articulate effectively in their
mother tongue. Members of Chanakya University participated in the celebration
and tied Rakhis to their fellow colleagues. The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor
were alsopresent.