Learning through Cartoons – An Interaction with R.K. Laxman Foundation

Renowned Cartoonist Sri R.K. Laxman’s “Common Man” Cartoon caricature formed the essence of discussions held among the members of R.K. Laxman School of Critical and Creative Thinking, & Chanakya University.

Shri Shrinivas Laxman – Space Journalist, and Ms. Usha Laxman -Chairperson, RK Laxman Foundation; who are also children of the illustrious Cartoonist visited Chanakya University and held interactive sessions about exploring different ways of Learning and Thinking and thereby making academics fun.

Dr. K. Kasturirangan – Former Chairman – ISRO and Chairperson, International Advisory Council, Chanakya University, congratulated and thanked Chanakya University for taking up this discussion proactively.

Prof. Yashavantha Dongre, Vice Chancellor, Chanakya University, briefly presented the University and elucidated the University’s approach to higher education.

Prof. M. K. Sridhar, Founder, Chancellor, Chanakya University, remarked about the need to develop micro-level initiatives to put policies into practice. He also briefly touched upon the aspect of the changing trends in education leading to it now being looked at in a holistic view.

He also added about how Chanakya University is helping mould lives, through value-added education, in addition to imparting education.

Dr Vinaychandra Banavathy, Director, Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems, said that the University seeks to create a harmonious balance between Arts, Humanities, Science, and Technology. He also threw light on the University’s plans to establish a School of Performing Arts.

Ms. Usha elucidated how RK Laxman Foundation is carrying the legacy of the legendary Cartoonist forward. She also threw light on the Foundation’s initiative of conducting special programs for school students to think creatively and critically by using Cartoons as a medium.

Ms. Ruchira and Sri Rohan – Members of the R.K. Laxman Foundation also described various other programs; along with sharing their experiences.

During the interaction, newer ways of integrating Cartoons within Academics at Chanakya University was also deliberated. Prof. M. K. Sridhar suggested about initiating campaigns on R.K. Laxman’s Cartoons and works; and about faculty members and students being given access to visit the University’s library to view these Cartoons and share their thoughts on the same.

Prof. Dongre opined about training students in interpreting Cartoons critically as part of the rural immersion program for students. He also stated that students could take the concept to various schools across rural areas as part of the “Seva” program initiative for wider reach as well as propagating the legacy of R.K. Laxman.

Prof Sandeep Nair, Registrar (Evaluation) delivered the Vote of Thanks.