Distinguished lecture series: A Talk on a Decade of Indian Foreign Policy: Evolving Aspirations

Chanakya University organized a day seminar on “Indian Foreign Policy Evolving Aspirations” from the School of Law, Governance and Public Policy. Prof. Harsh Pant from King’s College London expatiated around India’s evolving landscape of Foreign Policies and its role in maintaining India’s Image on the International Forum.

The program started at 3:30 pm in the University auditorium in the presence of around 300 students and staff from various departments. Prof. Pant initiated his speech by building a common ground to understand the evolving landscape of Indian foreign policies in the last decade, Further, he mentioned – “Structural level of analysis, where a fundamental shift in the balance of power could be seen, from a unipolar world towards multipolarity. From the Indian lens, 2014 could be seen as an inflection point because of the change in nature of Indian politics, from the Centre left Congress to the Centre right government.” Pant further added that the last decade has been of particular interest owing to the changes within India and in the global order, which could be witnessed on three levels – structural, domestic, and individual levels.

Followed by one and a half hours of insightful talk on foreign policies, the audience pondered questions to speakers to extract extra information. Some of the students cleared their doubts, others tried to get different narration on the topic. Professor Pant’s session was enthralling with gems of knowledge on how foreign policy constantly evolves, and how India is establishing herself in the global order. Prof. Yashavanth Dongre, Vice Chancellor, Dr. Chethan Singai, Dean, School of Law, Governance and Public Policy, Students and Faculty members were present during the lecture.