Chat GPT – Putting The Potential of AI In Perspective by Dr. S.S. Iyengar

As part of its Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS), Chanakya University organized a talk by Dr.S.S. Iyengar on “Chat GPT – Putting the Potential of AI in Perspective”. This event marked the second session of the University’s Distinguished Lecture Series. The event was held at the Yuvaka Sangha in Bengaluru on 16 June 2023.

Dr Iyengar, who is an interdisciplinary computational scientist, is also renowned for the Brooks-Iyengar Algorithm that was discovered in 1996 and has led to major breakthroughs in the use of sensors in various applications across the globe. This algorithm has made it possible to use a network of sensors which give out precise outputs, even when a few of the sensors receive wrong inputs or are faulty.

This algorithm is relevant even today and has received the prestigious “Test of Time” award in the year 2019, for its contribution over the decade, by IEEE Congress. The Brooks-Iyengar algorithm has also fueled further research in the field of sensors.

During his talk, Dr. Iyengar gave a brilliant exposition on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in general and Chat GPT specifically. He traced the chronology of AI and intelligent machines right from the time when Alan Turing (Renowned Mathematician and Computer Scientist) presented a paper at the Dartmouth conference in 1956, to Joseph Weizenbaum’s (German American Computer Scientist) Eliza and the current developments in AI. He also gave valuable insights on the probable future of AI – its prospects and perils.

He also brought to light the mechanism of data fetching by Chat GPT. He elucidated how Chat GPT indexes data from various sources such as Google, and other search engines; and brings the same to the forefront as soon as users input queries. Dr Iyengar also highlighted the impact of AI across various sectors.

The session was graced by Prof. M.K. Sridhar – Chancellor, Chanakya University, Dr Sushant Joshi – Registrar, Prof. K.A. Venkatesh – Dean, School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Chanakya University, Dr Rajesh Kumar – Dean, School of Commerce and Management, Chanakya University, along with students (and staff members) from Chanakya University and other institutions.