Chanakya University LOKARTHA SERIES Music AND Language, Music AS Language

The inaugural session of ‘LOKARTHA,’ a seminar series to bring practitioners and students together, featured a captivating talk by Vidwan Ragavan Manian, an engineer turned musician. The inaugural session was held at Chanakya University Global Campus on November 17, 2023.

Ragavan Manian’s presentation, “Music AND Language, Music AS Language”- exploring linguistic connections with Indian Classical music,” delved into the profound relationship between sound and expression, emphasizing the linguistic and cultural roots of Indian classical music. Vid. Manian discussed language features, cultural transmission, and the duality of structure, drawing parallels with music elements like talas and ragas. He highlighted the abstract nature of songs in Indian classical music, exemplified through ragas like megharanjini and karnaranjini.

The talk also explored the spiritual dimensions of music as a form of meditation. Vid. Manian concluded by addressing future directions for preserving and promoting Indian classical music, touching on disruptions introduced by AI. Overall, the session showcased the enduring vibrancy and global appeal of Indian classical music.

The inaugural session was held on November 17, 2023 at Chanakya University Global Campus, Bengaluru.