Celebration of Kannada Rajyostava at Chanakya University

The Karnataka Rajyotsava event at Chanakya University was a grand celebration marked by special guests, cultural performances, and a vibrant display of Karnataka’s rich heritage. The festivities commenced with a traditional Dollu Kunitha- an energetic drum dance, to welcome the chief guest, Nadoja awardee Mahesh Joshi.

The inaugural ceremony started with a blissful song followed by the Chief guest’s speech emphasizing on significance of language, delving into the rich history of traditions, and cultural aspects. Mr. Joshi further added, “Ease of learning the Kannada language, asserting that it stands as one of the most accessible languages in India”. Following the Chief guest’s address, Registrar of Evaluation Dr. Sandeep Nair expressed wishes to the students for Karnataka Rajyotsava, reinforcing the importance of celebrating and cherishing the state’s cultural identity.

The celebration continued with a special video presentation by Ricky Kej, a distinguished member of the university. The video showcased the breathtaking beauty of Karnataka’s wildlife and forests, captivating the audience with visuals of majestic animals and lush greenery. This presentation not only celebrated Karnataka’s natural wonders but also highlighted the importance of environmental conservation.

The event featured a diverse array of performances, including Bharatnatyam, Kodagu dance, and a skit depicting the bravery of Kittur Chennamma Rani in her resistance against the British, providing a historical and patriotic touch to the celebration. The Karnataka Rajyotsava celebration at Chanakya University showcased the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka and fostered a spirit of unity and celebration among the students and faculty.