Building Research Culture in Higher Education Institutes

Chanakya University organized the inaugural session of the ”Monthly Talks”, on 6 April 2023 at its Brigade Orchids campus. The Monthly Talks are an initiative of the University’s Research Division. The inaugural session witnessed enthusiastic participation from all the Deans of the Schools of Learning along with the faculty members.

Prof. Yashvantha Dongre – Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor delivered a talk on “Building Research Cultures in higher education institutes”, during the forum.

During the talk, Prof. Dongre emphasized the importance of a Research Culture, Balancing Research with teaching by developing specialized Research Course Programs and publishing these. He also discussed how Universities could encourage Research Attitude by providing incentives and support systems.

Prof. Dongre’s talk was also followed by an engaging Q&A session focussed on Research incentives, available funds, and strategies that young Researchers could employ to secure funding.

Prof. H.S. Ashok – Dean In-charge of Chanakya University’s Research division seconded the insights from Prof. Dongre’s talk.

Overall, the session was insightful and encouraged faculty members to broaden their Research interests and thereby contribute towards the Research culture at the University.