A Special Talk On The Asian Consequences of the European War In Ukraine By Shri M.J. Akbar

Shri. M.J. Akbar – celebrated Author, Journalist, and former Minister of State for External Affairs delivered a Special Lecture; on the Asian consequences of the war in Ukraine; at a talk series jointly organized by Chanakya University, World Organization of Students and Youth and KIN Talks at the Indian Institute of World Culture, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru. 

Shri. Akbar posited how the seminal events of World history have an elaborate historical context and how they shape the world order. 

He drove home the point about the effects of the major global developments on Asia, and how the next major global conflict will be a “War For Asia”. He also underscored the importance of discerning the Asian consequences of the Ukraine war in the context of Chinese foreign Policy and how this war will give an opportunity for Chinese geopolitical ambitions to exert. 

He contrasted the balance of power doctrine with the Indian principles of “power of balance” and emphasized the growing relevance thereof in the geopolitical discourse.  

Many luminaries from various fields were present at the event including Padma Shri Mohandas Pai – Chairperson, Manipal Global Education and Member of Board of Governors, Chanakya University, Dr. M.K. Sridhar – Chancellor, Chanakya University, Dr. Yashavantha Dongre – Vice-Chancellor, Chanakya University and Shri. M.P. Kumar- Pro Chancellor Chanakya University.