A Special Lecture “Vyasa: The Great Preceptor” on the occasion of Guru-Pūrṇimā

Chanakya University celebrated Guru-Pūrṇimā on 3rd July 2023, on the auspicious occasion of the full Moon of Āṣāḍha, which also marks the birthday of the great sage Veda Vyāsa. On this occasion, an online special lecture on “Vyāsa: The great preceptor” by Prof. H. V. Nagaraj Rao, Mysuru, an eminent scholar in Sanskrit, was arranged by the Centre of Indian Knowledge Systems,  Chanakya University.    

While speaking on Veda Vyāsa, Dr. Rao elaborated on the insightful meaning of the word Guru. He explained how Veda Vyāsa as a great preceptor taught life lessons through his profound writing of Mahābhārata.  He recited interesting verses melodiously from poets like Kālidāsa, and philosopher Sri  Śankarācārya which portrayed Veda Vyāsa as a great Guru to civilization.  Dr. Rao remarked that the contributions of Veda Vyāsa such as PurāṇasBrahmasūtras, and Bhāgavata are indeed a prodigious treasure to mankind.  Prof. Rao, while quoting from Praśnottara-ratnamālikā,  said that Guru is not only a learned one but also one who strives continuously for the welfare of students.  The talk was quite informative and fascinating, and well appreciated by the participants.

The program started with an invocation song rendered by Chimayee P. C., a student at Chanakya University.  Dr. Ramakrishana Pejattaya, the coordinator of the Centre of Indian Knowledge Systems welcomed the guest speaker and participants present online. Then he briefly spoke on the significance of Guru-Pūrṇimā and Vyāsa-Pūrṇimā as well. He also shared an interesting fact that how the full moon of each month is associated with some celebration in Indian tradition.  The program was well received and was joined by faculties, students, and staff of Chanakya University as well as many scholars from outside the university.  Dr. Vanishri Bhat, Research Associate at the Centre for IKS, coordinated the program. The program concluded with a śānti-mantra.