Prof. C. S. Yogananda

Dean and Professor of Mathematics, Chanakya University
Ph.D., IMS Chennai
Former Professor and Head JSSCE, Mysore

Dr. C S Yogananda. Ph.D. in Mathematics from the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai he was a part of the training and selection of the Indian team to International Math Olympiads. Formerly

Professor and Head JSSCE, Mysore, He is currently Professor and Dean, School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Chanakya University.

Dr. Yogananda’s research interests are in the areas of number theory, modular forms and elliptic curves. Interested in the interface of Mathematics and Technology and has contributed to many digital portals for Indian languages. He is involved in the creation and maintenance of the portals:, and, and many such archives. 

He was a founder editor of Samasya, a triannual journal for school students and was a member of the Editorial Board of Resonance, a journal for Science education published from the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.  Besides Mathematics, he is interested in classical music and mountaineering.