Dasha Prajna – The Chanakya Consciousness

(The 10 Principles of Conduct)


Conscious representation of the dictum, ‘Rooted in Ideals, Ascending with Ideas’, in Thoughts, Words and Action.

Satyam Dharmam cha Pavitryam Vivekam Vinayam thatha !
Soundaryam Jnaanamaanandam Kriyechha yanthi Poornatham !!


‘Truth is the Pursuit of Knowledge’. In this journey, we shall collectively cherish the Values of Creativity (Positivity), Humanism (Sensitivity), Integrity (in Thoughts, Words and Action), Team work (Coordination) and Academic Freedom (Intellectual Inquiry).


‘Let Righteousness Rule the standards of Physical, Mental, Social and Environmental Health & Hygiene by avoiding the Use/ Possession of any Substance/Object deemed Harmful, Inappropriate or Prohibited. You Shall keep the Environment, Internal & External, Clean.   


‘University represents Universality’. Our collective responsibility shall be to uphold the Sanctity of the Campus and treat every Person, Process and Protocols with utmost Respect. Always uphold, ‘Ekatma Manav – Unity of the Self’, as a Sacred Cultural Value.      


‘The Wisdom of Discretion’. Develop Clear Distinction between the Personal/Professional, Private/Public, Natural/Digital and other affairs of Conduct. Let there be Harmony among these domains of Behavior. 


‘Beauty is a reflection of Character in a specific Context’. Avoid Attention seeking fashion with Non-appropriate Costumes, Accessories and Body Decorations. May your presentation evoke Social Acceptance and Admiration.    


‘Let the Social Interactions be based on Humility and Kindness, as reflected in Warm Greetings, Courteous Language and Civility of Conduct’. May the Conversations be Truthful and Fair, bracketed by Greetings of Goodwill.     


‘Joy is the Cause and Effect of Learning’. Experience the Joy of being a part of a Learning Universe, evolving every moment through Cognition & Contemplation. Exhibit the Rightful Pride and Joy of being a Chanakya. 


‘Indian Knowledge System shall enrich the Learning systems of the University through world class Scholarship and Research. You shall have the Right of Access to any Faculty/ Resources/ Leadership of the University, for any Learning experience and Grievance redressal’  


Develop the self with capabilities to be Transformative Leaders’. Be committed to develop Skills, Competence and Attributes for seeking sustainable Solutions for Personal and Professional Excellence.


‘Engaging in Meaningful Action’ by participating in the creation of a global knowledge repository and developing a healthy academic ecosystem. You shall Never Harm, Endanger or Damage People or Property, of any nature in any means, whatsoever’.    

Wear the University Symbols with Pride, Conduct academic practices with Honor and seek Solutions to Concerns with Constructive thinking and Positive approach.    

Dasha Prajna in Action:

PrajnaMeaningBehavioural Outcome
SatyaPursuitAwareness & Practice of Values, CHITA
DharmaRighteousnessMental and Physical Health & Hygiene 
PavitryamSacredRespect Campus Space/ People / Processes
VivekamWisdomBalancing the Personal/ Professional/ Social/ etc.
VinayamHumilityGreeting all/ Acknowledging the Mentors. 
SoundaryamBeautyAcceptable Dressing/ Appreciate Aesthetics  
AnandamHappinessFind the Happy Space. Enjoy Learning.
JnanaKnowledge Pride & Practices of Indian Heritage 
IchhaWillCommit Your Self for Growth & Excellence
KriyaActionStay Connected with Family & Ecosystem