The Librarian should have a deep knowledge about emerging technologies and will use that understanding as a foundation for leading the library towards serving the current and future needs of Chanakya University’s students, faculty and other staff.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Provide vision and leadership for the library in support of the University’s mission and goals.
  • Plan, develop, and deliver high quality library services that are accessible to all undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Establish a process of ongoing review, assessment and improvement of library programs, resources and services that will evolve along with student needs and expectations.
  • Develop an effective and collaborative leadership team within the library.
  • Collaborate with the directors of the university’s academic and student support services to leverage strengths and expand opportunities to address student needs.
  • Manage the library’s operations with a focus on ongoing improvements within a stable but not expensive budgetary context. 
  • Oversee budget and operations to ensure the quality and integrity of all processes.
  • Coordinate the library’s Access Services functions, including personnel, policies and procedures.
  • To facilitate the students, faculty, and staff with all the literature that may be needed for their scholarly activities.
  • To manage library as well as digital library of the college. 
  • Arranges to prepare the library budget and policies relating to the library/Digital library. 
  • To encourage widespread usage of available information access facilities. 
  • To be continuously in touch with the students and faculty to understand/assess their needs of Books/Journals/Magazines/CDs etc. and apprise the Dean, Academics about the same for procurement.
  • Ensures procurement of books, CD-ROMs, Software, Journals etc., which are essential and/or recommended by the faculty. 
  • Provides URL links/resources for information on various study material. 
  • Maintaining the books in good condition 
  • Seeks reviews on books recommended. 
  • Seeks suggestions / feedback on databases used. 
  • Provides digital library access from anywhere on campus. 
  • Establishes specialized search facilities for faculty’s teaching and research needs. 
  • Establishes a repository of cases and keeps adding new cases on a continuous basis. 
  • Organizes various functions and activities such as library week or to install clubs such as reading club essentially to develop a very interactive and vibrant reading culture among the students, faculty and staff. 
  • Any other work related to library that may be assigned from time to time. 
  • Ensures availability of previous years question papers (semester end examination)
  • Provides all statistical information pertaining to the library.
  • Any other functions assigned to you from time to time by the University/Manager

Skills Required

  • Demonstrate knowledge of current and emerging technologies in library services, information 
  • technology and information literacy.
  • Ability to leverage new technologies to develop a vision and new strategies to support changing student needs.
  • Experience in meeting the diverse needs of stakeholders.
  • Strong collaborative and communication skills 
  • Demonstrated understanding of program and service trends that support academic success.
  • Candidate must be willing and able to support and advance the University mission.

Qualifications Required

  • Master’s degree in Library/Information Science from an accredited institution 
  • A minimum of seven years of progressively responsible professional librarian and managerial experience, within a college or university library. 
  • Demonstrated budget management and effective stewardship of resources.