Dr. Tanujay Saha

Tanujay Saha is a Machine Learning (ML) Engineer at Intel Corporation, USA. He has a Ph.D. and an M.A. from Princeton University in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Prior to that, he graduated with B.Tech(Hons.) in Electronics and Electrical Communications Engineering from IIT Kharagpur.

Tanujay Saha is a distinguished scholar in the field of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Princeton University. As a Ph.D. candidate, he has focused his research on the innovative applications of machine learning and cybersecurity, showcasing a robust academic profile. Tanujay has contributed significantly to the academic community, with his efforts resulting in three patents and numerous publications in top-tier journals. His research endeavors have not only advanced the understanding of machine learning in cybersecurity but have also been recognized with awards, including a best paper award for his work on a security framework. Following his Ph.D., Tanujay transitioned into a role as a machine learning engineer at Intel, where he continues to develop intelligent systems that integrate seamlessly into client applications.