Credit Transfer Guidelines

  1. Undergraduate students may choose up to 20 credits and postgraduate students up to 10 credits of study through recognised online platforms such as SWAYAM, Coursera, NPTEL and also through other institutions in their entire graduation period.  
  2. For each of the courses, students seeking credit transfer should email their respective School Dean with the Title of the Course, Credits, Faculty, Platform and a complete copy of the course syllabus and seek permission for credit transfer. 
  3. The Deans may forward the student requests to the Dean, Academic Affairs, along with the following:
    1. Dean’s recommendation for credit transfer and the number of credits to be transferred for each specific course 
    2. Name of the faculty who has been assigned responsibility for the conduct of in-house evaluation for each course and the proposed evaluation scheme 
  4. The Dean, Academic Affairs, shall place the School Deans’ recommendation in front of the Equivalence Committee and upon approval create a course instance with the code “EXT” on Digii Campus ERP. 
  5. The credits shall be transferred only after the faculty assigned for evaluating the course clears the student evaluations on Digii Campus similar to how offline course evaluations are cleared.
  6. The Equivalence Committee shall retain the right to reject credit transfer requests.