Program Structure & Credit Matrix

Undergraduate Programmes Structure (Applicable to BA, BSc, BCA, BCom, and BBA degrees)
Programme Types
Programme University CoreMajorMinor/ElectiveTotal 
4-Year Single Major (Honours)488032160
3-Year Single Major 486012120
Recommended Credit Matrix 
4-year Honours UG: One Major One Minor (Honours)
 Major  Minor 
 University CoreSchool CoreMajor Core Minor Core Minor Elective Total 
Semester 112630021
Semester 212630021
Semester 312630021
Semester 412630021
Semester 50693321
Semester 60096621
Semester 70086822
Semester 800120012
Total 4830501517160
3-Year UG: One Major
 University CoreSchool CoreMajor Core MinorElective Total 
Semester 112630021
Semester 212630021
Semester 312630021
Semester 412630021
Semester 50690621
Semester 60090615
Total 483030012120
The division of credits between School Core and Major Core, as also between Minor Core and Minor Elective, are only suggestive and Schools can have their variations 
Structure of the University Core
Structure of the University Core 
Language and Communication16
India Orientation 8
Essential Skills 20
Learning Beyond Classroom*4
Total 48
*Credits may be claimed for any demonstrable learning experience outside the classroom including participation in NCC, NSS, national and international sports events, engagement with NGOs, governmental agencies, and social sector initiatives and participation and recognition in reputed cultural and artistic platforms. Decision for credit transfer will be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs upon scrutiny of supporting documents and a detailed write-up submitted by the student on the key learnings from the initiative participated in. 
Undergraduate Programme Structure (Applicable to 4-year BTech Degree)
Credit Distribution
Humanities and social sciences 12
Basic science courses 18
Engineering science courses first year6
Professional core48
Professional elective24
Open electives20
Project work12
Total Credits 140
Recommended Credit Matrix 
4-year BTech
 Humanities and social sciencesBasic science coursesEngineering science courses first yearProfessional coreProfessional electiveOpen electivesProject WorkTotal
Semester 1663002017
Semester 2666000018
Semester 30301203018
Semester 40301203018
Semester 5000963018
Semester 6000960318
Semester 7000663318
Semester 8000063615
Total 1218948241712140
Undergraduate Programme Structure (Applicable to 5-year BA-LLB and BBA-LLB Degrees)
HonoursCoreLanguagesDiscipline CoreClinical Course & SeminarElectivesTotal
Semester 1888226
Semester 2841224
Semester 316824
Semester 416824
Semester 520424
Semester 620424
Semester 7812323
Semester 8884323
Semester 9663419
Semester 1069419
Post Graduate Programme Structure (Applicable to MA, MSW, LLM and MSc Degrees)
Total Credits80
Credit Distribution
Specialisation 60
Graduate Core14
Academic Writing  04
India Orientation04
Data Skills 03
Logic 03
Open Electives06