Degree name
M. Sc. in Psychology

The M.Sc. Psychology program aims at providing critical practical and analytical training in the domain of psychology. The program’s curriculum has more of application-oriented learning and the curriculum mainly stresses on the mastery of basic principles of psychological principles and theories. The emphasis of the program is to expose students to advanced concepts, developments, and techniques in the realm of psychology.

  • Program Objectives
    • The M. Sc. Psychology program is designed to provide students with a thorough grounding in basic knowledge, skills, and understanding of psychology.
    • The program offers a wide range of subjects that includes Biological Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Individual Differences, Developmental Psychology, Social Sciences, and more.
    • The program aims to enable students to engage in the domains of Mental Health, Neuroscience, Forensics, Rehabilitation, Defence, Prisons, Government, and Non-Profit organizations.
    • The program aims to develop students who are independent and critical thinkers into application-oriented learners and provide solutions to contemporary societal issues.
  • Program Outcomes
    • Mentor students and make them skilled and competent psychologists in the realms of both theory and research.
    • Students get to develop a range of transferable intellectual and personal skills, including independent learning skills, critical evaluation skills, oral and written presentation skills, group work skills, ICT skills.
    • Students get to apply knowledge of Psychology.
    • Develop competence in the use of empirical techniques of investigation relevant to the study of Psychology.
  • Specializations Offered
    • Clinical and Counselling Psychology: 
    • Applied Psychology
    • Occupational Psychology
  • Career/Entrepreneurship Opportunities
    • Mental health Startups
    • Rehabilitation centres
    • DRDO Research Programs
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Corporate sector