Literary and Cultural Studies

Eligibility Criteria  

55% and above( or equivalent grade) in PUC/ 12th/any other equivalent exam conducted by a recognized authority/ institution in India or abroad.

The programme trains students in understanding cultures and cultural production. This interdisciplinary programme includes the study of literary history, philosophy of language, aesthetics, logic, rhetoric, cultural anthropology, art history, history of ideas, digital humanities, and media studies. It trains students to become scholars in humanities, art critics, writers, publishers, arts management experts, cultural policy experts, and creative writers and translators.

Programme Highlights

  • Designed as an interdisciplinary, new humanities programme with insights from traditional fields of literary and cultural studies, as well as emerging fields of computational and digital humanities
  • Includes a strong research and practice component aimed at training students to take up multiple career tracks in the arts and culture sector
  • Integrates both modern knowledge in the humanities and traditional scholarship including Indian knowledge in fields of aesthetics, poetics, ethics, psychology, and history

Chanakya Foundation:48 credits
School Core: 24 credits
Major:56 credits
Minor: 24 Credits
Learning Beyond Curriculum: 8 credits

  • Scholars in humanities
  • Art critics
  • Writers
  • Publishers
  • Arts management experts
  • Cultural policy experts
  • Creative writers
  • Translators