Journalism and Media Studies


Degree name
B. A. (Hons.) in Journalism and Media Studies

“If you are game to present the truth and impact change as a media professional, the world of media is waiting for you…”

If you have a passion to write, curiosity to understand different perspectives of what’s happening around you and present the facts to society, then a 4-year B.A. Honours in Journalism and Digital Media at Chanakya University is “The Right Program for you”

We have consciously integrated this program with Digital Media, which will enable our students to adapt to emerging technological challenges and changing media landscapes.

Successful completion of this program will lead students to pursue their passion in the most sought-after Journalism and Media Industry as Reporters, Writers, Editors, Media Strategists, Content Visualisers, Documentary filmmakers, photojournalists, and more.

The emergence of New Media has revolutionized the access to real-time information. This program is for those who seek to Report, Review and Recreate reality and thereby realise the meaning of a contemporary world.

Designed by a distinguished team of academicians and professionals, our four-year Honours degree explores the potential of careers and research in various diverse and emerging realms of Journalism and Digital Media. The program also combines academic study with real-world-focused modules that give you practical exposure to projects and on-field activities, enabling a real-world working experience.