International Relations

B. A. (Hons.) in International Relations

Eligibility Criteria  

55% and above( or equivalent grade) in PUC/ 12th/any other equivalent exam conducted by a recognized authority/ institution in India or abroad.

The International Relations major program is an interdisciplinary field of study that examines the interactions between national, international, non-governmental organizations and other actors in the global arena. It covers a wide range of topics such as international politics, diplomacy, global governance, international law, conflict resolution, security studies, globalization and more.

Programme Highlights

  • Emphasis on Critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Internships and research projects to enhance cognitive abilities
  • Senior thesis and capstone projects exploring contemporary global issues
  • Focus on the academic research writing component
  • Development of negotiation and diplomatic skills
Chanakya Foundation48 credits
School Core24 credits
Major56 credits
Minor24 Credits
Learning Beyond Curriculum8 credits

These are the kind of courses we will be offering: •Geopolitics and Modern World History

  • India in Global Politics
  • Basics of World Economy
  • India and the Neighbourhood
  • Contemporary International Relations
  • Theories of International Politics
  • Global Governance and World Order
  • Critical Perspectives in International Relations
  • Diplomacy and Foreign Service
  • International organizations (e.g., UN, World Bank, IMF)
  • Non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Government agencies and thinktanks
  • Private sector (international business, consulting)
  • Journalism and media related to global affairs
  • Academia and research institutions