Chanakya University Community Connect Cricket Match 

Cricket Teams at Chanakya University and Brigade Orchards engaged in a friendly cricket match on 23 April 2023. The match took place at the Brigade Cricket Stadium. The team from Chanakya University, comprised of staff and students, was led by Prof. Ajay Chandra serving as the Captain and Supreeth M (student) as the Vice-Captain. 

Two games were played; with players from both teams displaying exemplary sportsmanship and team spirit. At the end, the team from Brigade Orchards came out on top. However, the Chanakya University team managed to put up a fighting performance despite coming up short. 

The Community Connect Cricket Match was an initiative of Dr. S.M. Prakash (director of Sports), Prof. Ajay Ravul (Professor of Practice), and Sri Hemanth N.V. (Assistant professor of Physical Education and Sports) of Chanakya University. 

Players from Chanakya managed to garner the “Fighter of the Match Awards”; these players were: 

1. First match – Sri. Hemanth N V (Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Sports). 

2. Second match – Vidya Sagar A (Student).