Sri. Naresh Dixit P. S.

Assistant Professor of Civil engineering, Chanakya University
M.Tech, VTU, Belagavi
Former Research Associate, IISc Bangalore

Throughout his academic career, he has taught a diverse range of subjects, showcasing his expertise in structural engineering, programming, and interdisciplinary topics. Notably, he has imparted knowledge in subjects such as structural dynamics, earthquake engineering, matrix methods of structural analysis, design of RC and steel structures, prestressed concrete, machine learning, data science, and more. In addition to teaching, Naresh has undertaken significant research projects across various areas of civil engineering. His research spans diverse topics, including ground penetrating radar applications in railway engineering, soil-structure interaction, non-linear soil dynamics, AI integration into fracture mechanics and earthquake engineering, and masonry infilled structures’ non-linear behaviour. Furthermore, Naresh has published research papers in esteemed journals and presented his work at conferences, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in his field. His innovative research on sustainable and cost-effective earthquake mitigation solutions, particularly using soil-tire crumb mixtures, has garnered attention and recognition. This eco-friendly approach has the potential to revolutionize seismic safety in construction.