Dr. Pradeep Kumar A.P. Sharma

Associate Professor of Law, Chanakya University
Ph.D., Mewar University, Chittorgarh
Former Dean Academic Affairs, NLU, Sonipat

Dr. Pradeep Kumar is an accomplished legal scholar with a diverse background in Law, Education, and Activism. He obtained his law degree from the University of Pune and an LL.M. degree from Bharati Vidyapeeth. During his studies, he was an activist for Greenpeace International, where he learned the importance of advocacy and social justice.

After his studies, Dr. Kumar became a practicing advocate at the District Court in Pune, where he gained experience in handling cases related to trusts, family matters, civil suits, and property matters. Later, he completed his doctoral research on Article 370 (Jammu and Kashmir) and conducted grassroot-level field research in the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir for around five years. During this period, he did fieldwork on the education status of Ladakh, which later got published as a book from London.

He has published ten articles and three books primarily related to Jammu and Kashmir. He was also a Research Fellow of the Lok Sabha from 2017 to 2019, where he explored various legal issues and contributed to law-making.

Furthermore, Dr. Kumar’s contribution to legal education is exemplary. He was the founding dean of DR. B.R. Ambedkar National Law University, Haryana, where he worked towards developing the library and other infrastructural facilities of the University. Additionally, he has been teaching Constitution of India, Law of Contract, and International Law for the past ten years. He has also been an active organizer of various national-level student activities, such as the National Moot Court Competition and National Essay Competition.

Presently, Dr. Kumar is working as an Associate Professor of Law in the School of Public Policy and Legal Studies at Chanakya University, Bengaluru. He continues to contribute to the legal profession by conducting research, teaching, and organizing various activities for students. His experience, dedication, and passion for law make him an inspiration for young lawyers and students.

  • Educational qualifications:

1. Ph.D.

2.LL.M. (Master of Law)

3. MSW (Master of Social Work)

4. BSL. LL.B. ( Bachelor of Law )

  • Hobbies/Interests : Reading, History, Current Affairs, trekking

  • Courses Taught at Chanakya : Legal Environment

  • Publications (List)


  1. June 2018 – Authored a book titled “Education and its Infrastructure in Ladakh: A Primary Intensive Study of Ground Level Challenges and Issues in Leh and Kargil – Published by United p.c. Publishing House, London, England. (ISBN: 978-3-7103-3450-4).

  1. October 2017 – Authored a book titled “UN Resolutions on Jammu and Kashmir: A Succinct Analysis”, published by Dictus Publishing – A reputed European Publisher.The book is sold mainly in U.K., U.S.A, Germany. (ISBN No. 978-620-2-47907-3)

  1. 2015 – “Article 370: Evolving Clarity Beyond the Conundrum”, Mewar University Press, (ISBN- 978-93-85212-16-1).


  1. 2020 – One Chapter contribution in the book named Article 370 Union Territories of J&K and Ladakh published by Satyam Law International ( ISBN : 9789387839670)

  1. March 2017 – Contributed one chapter to the legal reference book “Law, Judiciary and Governance”, published by LexisNexis under the imprint of Universal Law Publishing, (ISBN No 978-93-5035-983-9).

  1. September 2018 – Contributed one chapter to the anthology “Tribal Rights in India: Challenges and Achievement in 21st Century”, published by Best Publishing House, New Delhi, (ISBN No 978-81-9382-160-2).


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