Dr. Naveen Bhat

Associate Professor, Chanakya University
Author, Researcher

Dr. Naveen Bhat has obtained doctoral degree from the Central Sanskrit University (formerly RSKS) in Paninian grammar. Trained and rooted in tradition, strengthened by modern linguistic knowledge and tools, Dr Bhat has been a knowledge contributor in projects such as critical Edition of the Pāṇinian Aṣṭādhyāyī and translation projects of Sanskrit knowledge texts. With an experience of ten years in the domain of professing IKS, he has been guiding PhD students from both India and abroad. 

As an author of short stories Dr. Bhat has so far published two collections of short stories in Kannada the latest being the narratives of various historical events. His articles and stories are published in most of the canonical Kannada dailies and periodicals. 

He has translated and published both technical and literary works in Kannada, English and Sanskrit.