Dr. Krishna Kurthkoti

School of Biosciences
School of Biosciences
Associate Professor, Chanakya University
Ph.D., IISc, Bengaluru
Post Doc at Rutgers University

Thank you for visiting the webpage and your interest in our research. We are a molecular microbiology group interested in understanding different aspects of bacterial physiology. One of our key areas of research is to understand the genetic and non-genetic drivers of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria. We are also interested in understanding the iron axis of host-pathogen interaction in mycobacteria using amoeba and invertebrate host models. We employ molecular biology, microbial genetics, microscopy, and different “omic” platforms in our research.  
Dr. Krishna was graduated from IISc in Life Sciences studying DNA repair in mycobacteria. During postdoctoral work, his research areas were on the small RNAs of Drosophila and iron homeostasis in mycobacteria. Before his appointment at Chanakya University, he was a Ramalingaswami Faculty fellow at the Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Thiruvananthapuram.