Dr. Bharath Setturu

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Chankaya University
Ph.D., IIIT Hyderabad
Geospatial Scientist, Postdoc at CES, IISc, Bangalore

Dr. Bharath Setturu is currently working as an assistant professor at the School of Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Chanakya University, Bengaluru (AUGUST 2023-PRESENT)

He was a post-doctoral fellow at EWRG, CES, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.  

He was a guest faculty at the Depart of Civil & Infrastructure Engineering, IIT Jodhpur.

He has published 1 book, 40 research papers in peer-reviewed international journals, 4 book chapters, 54 papers in national & international conference proceedings, and 75+ technical reports. 

Other Information:

He has actively contributed to more than 15 scientific research projects from 2009 to date using a wide range of GIS, Remote Sensing, and ecological techniques. He is one of the key contributors in many scientific projects to aid regulatory agencies’ decision-making in India. Some of the worth mentioning are: Integrated Ecological Carrying Capacity of Uttara Kannada district, Central Western Ghats, sponsored by KBB, Karnataka; Visualisation of Ecological Sensitive Regions of Uttara Kannada, sponsored by DST, India; Urbanisation and Environment Sustainability – comparative analysis of 10 cities of  China and India, sponsored by APN; Visualization of Forest Cover Transition in Protected Areas of Karnataka, sponsored by CAG, India; Visualisation of Ecologically Fragile Regions of Kodagu district, Karnataka sponsored by CWS. 

He is a recipient of “ Young Researcher in Spatial Informatics” award presented by VIF, “Sahyadri Ecologist-2016”- Presented during LAKE 2016 Conference at Alva’s Education Foundation, Moodbidri; “Best paper award”- Presented by Rotary Sadashivanagar & AMC Eng College during NSRS-2019 Conference at Bengaluru; “Best paper award”- Presented by IIT-Kharaghpur during CCIVA-2019 Conference at Kharaghpur;  “Dr Parameshwaran Research Grant”- Presented during LAKE 2018 Conference at Alva’s Education Foundation, Moodbidri; “Best paper award”- Presented by IIT-Kharaghpur during BDCC-2018 Conference at Kharaghpur.; “Best paper award”- Presented by IIT-Kharaghpur during WEIZ-2017 Conference at Kolkata; “Best poster award”- Presented by IIT-Kharaghpur during WEIZ-2017 Conference at Kolkata; “Dr Parameshwaran Research Grant”- Presented during LAKE 2016 Conference at Alva’s Education Foundation, Moodbidri. 

His work received significant appreciation across the globe. Work experience ranges from handling of various Free and open-source GIS & Image Processing software, including GRASS; QGIS; Fragstat; SAGA GIS; Openjump, etc.


Number of Publications (selected):

  1. Bharath, S., Thrimoorthy, N. and Vinay, S. 2023. Geo Visualization of Urbanization in CRDA Region through Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques, IEEE I-CONNECT 2023, July 2023, Bangalore.
  2. Ramachandra, T.V., Negi, P. and Bharath, S., 2022. Insights from Big Spatial Data through Machine Learning Techniques for Prudent Management of Natural Resources. Journal of Resources, Energy & Development, 19 (2), pp. 1-17.
  3. Ramachandra, T.V., Vinay, S. and Bharath, S. 2022. Visualisation of landscape alterations with the proposed linear projects and their impacts on the ecology. Modeling Earth Systems Environment. 8(1), pp. 977-989 https://doi.org/10.1007/s40808-021-01135-2
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