Sri. Ajay Chandra

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Chanakya University
M.Sc., Bangalore University

Sri Ajay Chandra is presently working as an Assistant Professor at the school of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Chanakya University. He is an alumnus of Bangalore University; and has completed Post Graduation from the Department of Psychology. He has ten years of research experience and four years of teaching experience.

Ajay has worked in the areas of Mental Health, Higher Education, Development Studies, Urban Governance, Public Health, and Public Policy Analysis. His hobbies are reading non-fiction and exploring Data Sciences.

  • Educational qualifications: Master of Science -Psychology.
  • Courses Taught at Chanakya:

    • Introduction to Psychology,
    • Developmental Psychology,
    • Psychology of Individual Differences,
    • Rehabilitation Psychology

Publications (List)

Referred Journals

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Book Chapter

  • Chandra, A., and Singai, C., (2021) Mental Health in India: Analysing the Gaps in the Mental Health Care Act-2017, Health Laws and Policies in India, pp: 305-316, Edited by Dr Manoj Kumar. Thomson Reuters, ISBN: 978-93-91340-65-0.

Popular Articles

  • Chandra, A. (2020). Policy future for India’s Untapped Exceptional Talents. Variations 2e, 4, 8–11.
  • Ajay Chandra and Arkalgud Ramaprasad (2019). A thought for Talent (Ref: The Hindu, 4th August,2019)
  • Ajay Chandra (2014). Understanding the characteristics of gifted children (Ref: Parent circle, vol. 4, issue 2, June 2014)

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