Online Certificate Course on Arthaśāstra: Indic Civilizational Perspectives on Statecraft

Online Certificate Course on Arthaśāstra: Indic Civilizational Perspectives on Statecraft


February 19, 2024 - May 8, 2024    
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Event Type

Mārgaśīrṣa-Śukla-Ekādaśī Somavāsaraḥ Śobhakṛt Saṃvatsaraḥ – Śivājī Jayantī

Course Overview

Explore the flagship Online Certificate Course, “Arthaśāstra: Indic Civilizational Perspectives on Statecraft,” meticulously crafted by the Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems at Chanakya University. This immersive four-month program delves into the rich heritage of Indian statecraft, extending beyond Kauṭilya’s Arthaśāstra to encompass diverse Arthaśāstras across epochs. Gain a comprehensive understanding of governance, law, economics, foreign policy, military, and strategic studies within India’s historical context. Engage with enlightening lectures by seasoned experts and emerging scholars, with the content compiled into an edited book for further reference.

Course Purpose

As India rises globally, this course bridges ancient wisdom and modern challenges. Experts from various domains encourage interdisciplinary discussions, fostering fresh insights for the present and future. Reviving historical perspectives, the initiative inspires a nuanced approach to contemporary scenarios across diverse fields.

Course Outcomes

  • Fresh Insights and Perspectives
  • Interdisciplinary Understanding
  • Engaging Discussions and Networking
  • E-Certificate of Participation
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity

Program Structure

 1The Arthaśāstra Tradition: Kauṭilya and BeyondKum Ami Ganatra19.02.2024
 2The Structure and Essence of the ArthaśāstraDr. Vinayak Rajat Bhat28.02.2024
 3Amātya: Ministers and Machinery from the Lens of ArthaśāstraShri Vishwanathan P6.03.2024
 4Janapda: Socio-cultural Perspectives of TerritoryDr. Gauri Mahulikar13.03.2024
 5Kośa, Trade, and Revenue from the Lens of the ArthaśāstraSri Sriram Balasubramanian20.03.2024
 6Mitra: Śādguṇya Siddhānta and Foreign PolicyDr. Nanda Kishor27.03.2024
 7Indriyajaya: Indic Perspectives on LeadershipSri Raghava Krishna3.04.2024
 8Janapada: Territory from the Lens of SovereigntySri M S Chaitra10.04.2024
 9Daṇḍa: Indic Perspectives on LawSri Kashyap Naik17.04.2024
 10Kauṭilyan Vidyāsamuddeśa and Measurement of National PowerSri Saurav Sarmah24.04.2024
 11Arthaśāstra on Military StrategyBrig JS Rajapurohit1.05.2024
 12Kūṭayuddha: Cognitive Warfare in ArthaśāstrasKum Tejusvi Shukla8.05.2024

Fee Structure

StudentsINR 1500
Research ScholarsINR 1500
Others (Academicians, Corporates, Enthusiasts)INR 5000
Foreign ParticipantsUSD 75

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Course Coordinators

Dr. Vinayak Rajat Bhat

Associate Professor,
Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems,
Chanakya University

Ms Tejusvi Shukla

Research Associate
Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems,
Chanakya University